Size: 80" x 88" x 34"
Jetpacks: 3-4
Seats: 6 Adults

Gallons: 350
Dry Weight: 575 lbs.
Filled Weight: 4552 lbs.

A SeriesTM

Bullfrog A6L

The Bullfrog A6L spa is a versatile and comfortable hot tub that can accommodate up to 6 people in total relaxation. With its lounge seat and 6 JetPaks, the A6L spa provides a fully customizable massage experience that can be tailored to each user’s preferences. The JetPak Therapy System ensures that every JetPak delivers the perfect massage, while the energy-efficient design keeps operating costs low and makes maintenance easy. The A6L’s compact and comfortable design, advanced technology, and premium features make it the perfect solution for anyone looking to enhance their relaxation and entertainment experience. Whether you want to relax alone or entertain guests, the Bullfrog A6L spa is the ultimate choice.

Standard Features on the A6L

A6L_Top Down
  • 1 Industrial Jet Pump
  • 2 A1000 Control Panel
  • 3 Interior/Exterior LED Lighting
  • 4 Large Lighted Water Feature
  • 5 Patio Performance Cover
  • 6 Durable 3-Layer Spa Shell

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