Latham Pool Liners

Latham Pool Liners is a leading manufacturer of high-quality vinyl pool liners for both residential and commercial swimming pools. Their liners are known for their durability, strength, and resistance to fading and tearing. With over 60 years of experience, Latham offers a wide range of liner patterns and colors to choose from, allowing customers to create a customized look for their pool. They also offer a variety of liner thicknesses to suit different needs and budgets. Latham’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned them a reputation as one of the most trusted names in the pool industry.

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latham pool liners

Bali / Blue Granite


Blue Bonair

Blue Slate

Blue Slate

Butterfly Effect Pearl

Butterfly Effect Pearl

Carnegie / Cobalt Fusion

Carnegie / Cobalt Fusion

Cayman / Mystic Light Blue

Cayman / Mystic Light Blue

Corolla Beach / Stardust Blue

Corolla Beach / Stardust Blue

Courtstone Blue / Stardust Blue

Courtstone Blue / Stardust Blue

Courtstone Grey / Stardust Grey

Courtstone Grey / Stardust Grey

Coventry / Cobalt Fusion

Coventry / Cobalt Fusion


Disco Pearl

Durango / Grey Mosaic pool liner

Durango / Grey Mosaic

Eclipse Amber pool iner

Eclipse Amber

Esagono pool liner


Falling Esagono / Grey Crystal pool liner

Falling Esagono / Grey Crystal

Grey Bonair pool liner

Grey Bonair

Gulf Coast / Tan Seastone pool liner

Gulf Coast / Tan Seastone

Hampton / Seaglass pool liner

Hampton / Seaglass

Indigo Marble / Blue Granite pool liner

Indigo Marble / Blue Granite

Island Wave / Terrazzo Caribbean pool liner

Island Wave / Terrazzo Caribbean

Legends / Cobalt Fusion pool liner

Legends / Cobalt Fusion

Mountain Top / Blue Mosaic pool liner

Mountain Top / Blue Mosaic

Nantucket / Blue Seastone pool liner

Nantucket / Blue Seastone

Panama / Royal Prism pool liner

Panama / Royal Prism

Pearlstone pool liner


Reef pool liner


Royal Amber pool liner

Royal Amber

Royale / Blue Mosaic pool liner

Royale / Blue Mosaic

Summerwave / Cobalt Fusion pool liner

Summerwave / Cobalt Fusion

Terrazzo / Electric Aquarius pool liner

Terrazzo / Electric Aquarius

Tulum / Mayan Mosaic pool liner

Tulum / Mayan Mosaic

Vintage Mosaic / Blue Mosaic pool liner

Vintage Mosaic / Blue Mosaic

Whitehaven / Crystal Quartz pool liner

Whitehaven / Crystal Quartz