Weekly Service

Thank you for considering Lafayette Pool Service for your swimming pool service this season. For your convenience, you may pay for your service at one-time or you can choose a monthly payment. Your credit card will be charged each month starting the day you sign up.

The cost of weekly service starts at $4,600 for the summer season, from May through September. You may make a one-time payment, pay over five monthly installments during the summer season, or pay monthly for the year. Pools over 20,000 gallons or with special features may be additional, call with questions.

Quality Work

Lafayette Pool Service will visit one time per week during the time period beginning the the week of May 1 and concluding the week of September 18th.

Pool Opening

  • Clean winter/auto cover, coping, slide
  • Install ladders, handrails, lights
  • Begin adding water to the pool if necessary
  • Start-up pump and filter system
  • Initiate proper chemical balance consisting of Chlorine shock, PH Level and alkalinity

Weekly Service

During each visit we will:

  • Vacuum and brush swimming pool bottom
  • Clean out all baskets
  • Net out leaves and debris
  • Backwash filter
  • Adjust chemical balance as necessary, including Chlorine, PH, and Alkalinity

Pool Closing

  • Force blow plumbing lines and filtration free of water
  • Add swimming pool anti-freeze in all plumbing¬†lines and plug
  • Add winter season chemicals
  • Remove ladders and handrails, if necessary
  • Cover the pool