Basic Specialty Pool Opening


Clean cover, start equipment, reassemble ladder, diving board, returns and skimmers. NO CHEMICALS INCLUDED.

It is the customer’s responsibility to bring the water level back up to normal operating level prior to our arrival. If you would like us to schedule a return trip to open and prime the skimmers (due to water being too low at the time) an additional service charge of $50 will apply.

Specialty: (Over 20,000 GAL and/or with in-floor cleaning jets and/or requires additional measures)

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Spa Opening

If applicable, select your Spa Opening.

Additional Services

Choose from our “Add-On Options” for additional work required during your Basic Pool Opening.

Sand Filter Media Change

Remove media, rinse tank, inspect laterals and stand pipe, and refill tank. Replacement parts, sand, or green glass not included.

Please select THREE possible dates for your opening. Contracts are scheduled in the order they are received.

Trip Charge

Please select the trip charge if you live outside of Tippecanoe County. (Customers located 45+ miles outside of Lafayette will be charged an additional trip charge.) Distance will be calculated from 18 North Earl Avenue, Lafayette.